October 16, 2019

ExCel London
London, UK

Why Attend?

Aviation Wek Network’s UAM Series is designed to deliver maximum opportunity for fostering this industry forward.  Join one or all of the three part series for maximum value and benefit.

Cities are growing globally, and traffic congestion is getting worse, even as we grow accustomed to a connected world where services are available on demand. Now, with the emergence of urban air mobility, the aviation industry has a chance to connect customers and respond to their needs as never before. 

But, just like horseless carriages, heavier-than-air airplanes and jet engines – all derided in their beginnings as impractical and unnecessary - urban air mobility faces huge challenges. To make urban air mobility affordable, reliable and publicly acceptable as a means of mass transportation will require advances across a broad front from vehicle performance, noise, safety and cost to airspace access, operations and infrastructure. 

With huge challenges, however, come huge rewards, and over the past few months and years all the major commercial aerospace players have become engaged, and not just the entrepreneurial startups. A supply chain is forming to support a market in a state of growth and flux. Above all, an unprecedented level of collaboration is at work as our community seeks to enable a new era in aerospace. Join Aviation Week as we bring the industry together to take the next great step forward.

Who Should Attend?

OEMs, Aviation Authorities and Regulators, Transport Providers, Investors, Start Ups, Hardware and Software Companies, Government, Regulatory Bodies and Trade Associations, Consultants, Academia, Air Traffic Management

All suppliers to the Transportation industry, including:

  • City Planners
  • Consultants
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Software Developers
  • IT
  • Technology
  • Venture Capitalists

And all managers, directors and other personnel focused on:

  • Business Development
  • Contracts
  • Customer Service
  • Engineering
  • Government Liaison
  • Inventory
  • IT/Software
  • Logistics
  • Purchasing
  • Supply chain
  • Technical